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Thread: removing the cell modual and just using POTs

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    removing the cell modual and just using POTs

    Can I do a factory reset, remove the cellular card and just use POTS?. Can I then access the programming?.

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    If you have an older 2GIG panel with a built-in POST dialer or a newer one with the POTS module added then yes, you can use POTS. Do you not have your installer code? If not, you might not be able to do a factory reset. It depends on whether factory reset is enabled in programming.

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    Open panel, disconnect battery, remove AC power.
    Plug battery back in, hold both buttons (emergency and home), and reconnect AC power. At factory reset, ONLY reset the console not zones.

    1561 is the default 2GIG Installer code.

    If you do not boot to reset screen, then lockout is enabled (Q45), and you will have to unlock it via the cellular module. Here is how:

    An easy way to unlock the panel is simply to get a $14 month to month self monitoring cellular package, have Q44 and Q45 reset to default (0), then cancel and have the cellular module unregistered/released. Then either keep the cell module for backup/future use, or even sell it on ebay. Then go POTS monitoring.

    If your panel emergency button says "emergency", you are good for using POTS, if it shows three symbols instead, you will need the POTS module. The module runs around $20

    For more info on this see this thread:

    "what you need"

    Then you need to access the programming/optimize settings and enable POTS (see:

    Once you verify you have programming access, and have the numbers for central station...
    Optimize panel Q's as shown in above link, but these will be different:

    Enable dialer Q8

    Make sure Q48 is defaulted so CSID can be automatically configured (000000)

    Enable dialer prefx Q9 (use only if prefix needed to obtain dial tone, otherwise leave DISABLED)

    Q10 is the call waiting disable code (refer to your local telephone provider)

    Q11 is central station #1 phone number
    Q12 is central station #1 account number
    Q40 is central station #2 phone number
    Q41 is central station #2 account number

    Disable Q23 (radio modem network failure time)
    Disable Q24 (radio modem network failure trouble)
    Disable Q25 (radio modem network failure reports)

    Enable Q63 (detect phone line failure, requires Q8 being enabled)

    After panel reboots, do telephone test (security>menu>toolbox>master user code>right arrow>right arrow>telephone test)

    Next step is to call central station data entry, and give them all zones as shown on panel. write them down. (Q1 zones 01-48)

    Do not forget the fixed panics (keyfobs 1-8 Q3 (zones 51-58), keypads/touchpads 1-4 Q4 (zones 59-62))

    Do not forget any wired zones (Q2 1-2 (zones 49-50))

    example, if RF sensor number 1 is front door...and sensor number 2 is back door, sensor 10 living room window, keyfob 1 sensor 51, front entry ts1 touchpad (keypad 1) sensor 59, etc. You will do it like so...

    zone 1 front door
    zone 2 backdoor
    zone 10 living room window
    zone 51 keyfob #1
    zone 59 front entry keypad (fixed panic)

    Then, have system placed on test with central station, and arm panel away, and activate all zones, then verify they are correctly recieved by central station.

    Take system off test.


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