If you have central station monitoring of your panel, and decide to add your own sensors (zones), rename existing zones, delete zones, etc, you will need to call your central station before you start and have your system put "on test" for say two hours, or however long you think it will take. Then following the installation/programming, you can call to have system "taken off of test", and/or then ask for 'Data Entry'.

If you do not, and the sensor activates, central station will not know what the device for the zone activation is. You have to tell them, so they can add the sensor and what it is (regardless of of it being listed/shown on alarm.com).

Be sure to give them the zone and descriptor. (I.e., you added a new dw10 window as sensor 16, and you added the descriptor "second floor window", you would have data entry add "zone 16, second floor window". Ditto for renaming existing zones, or deleting zones.)

Note- not applicable to zwave gear added. Only to supervisory and alarm initiating sensors (I.e., if the sensor you add is a doorbell, flood sensor, etc, or if it can put your panel into alarm, this includes keyfobs, and keypads, and TS1 touchpads, as they have the 'fixed panic' capability to put panel into alarm, and so you need to have Data Entry add the new zone/device descriptor)