What does the Authorization Code request do? I tried that and it said it received it but then what?

The authorization code is used to setup Image Sensors, and it allows you to test /adjust your image sensor, and take pictures and upload them, view and download them without it counting against your quota.

Request authorization code, then go to www.alarm.com/Imagesetup

Enter the cellular module serial number (can be obtained via cell radio status button screen in installer toolbox), and the Authorization code, then click "login"

Getting the Authorization Code

Getting the Cellular Module Serial Number

Push the "radio status" button, and you will see the 10 digit cellular module serial number (example: text in red)

Serial Number: xxxxx-XXXXXXXXXX.xx

Authorization code is single use/ time sensitive, and you will have to re-request a new code if it expires, or if you want to upload another image