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Thread: Updating Firmware #2

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    Updating Firmware #2

    I've read and tried the pdf instructions on how to update the firmware multiple times and I have yet to succeed. I've also tried different USB ports and changing the COM ports within device manager. Have you had any issues with the cable simply not getting a response from the panel?

    Current firmware version of panel (CP21-345E) is 1.9.5. I'm trying to go to 1.10.1
    Running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit. Plenty of PC power.

    I can't get to the flashing point of the update.

    Process I've went thru multiple times.

    Download package from
    Extract files
    Run CDM20814_Setup
    Connect cable and determine Com port (COM12)
    Send shortcut to desktop from extracted file location
    Amend file to "C:\Users\BURCHELL\Downloads\2GIG V1.10.1 English Firmware Update Tool\2GIG V1.10.1 English Firmware Update Tool\CP_V1.10.1en.exe" -c12

    Disconnect all panel power (battery & AC)
    Connect Cable to PC, then to panel
    Run program (also tried run as administrator)
    This is the point I get stuck at. I never receive the "Are you sure you want to flash.......?"

    I tried connecting power at this point as well and still continually see no panel.

    I did notice my cable (2GIG-UPCBL2) appears to be missing the connector in the inside the #4 pin, if looking at it with the solid flat portion away from your body.

    Any thoughts would be much appreciated.

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    Download 2GIG Firmware HERE, then follow all instructions as given in the PDF, else it will not work, and update will fail.

    Reinstall the d****r package CDM20814_Setup (run as administrator)

    Plug in the USB wait for d****r install to sucessfully complete, and make a note of/reverify the com port assigned in device manager is correct/valid. Then right click 'CP_V1.10.1en', and (send to Desktop) create shortcut on desktop (CP_V1.10.1en - Shortcut) , then edit the desktop shortcut 'target path' via right click/ properties and make sure the path is correct (by adding a space, hyphen, and C followed by the COM port number), then click 'ok'. You must run the desktop shortcut app you created/edit path for as administrator.

    (Note- for those with a TS1, you must also create the desktop shortcut for the 'TS1_V1.10_English_10176d' and edit target path so it is the same as the CP_V1.10.1en for assigned com port)

    At this point, power down the panel by removing battery and AC power, then watch video

    Make sure the USB J4 connector is properly connected to the prongs near the transceiver. Connecting it backwards will not work, and may damage the panel. If you have the XCVR2 (swiggly antenna), you may need to pull it out first, or lift it some to get the cable J4 connector to seat properly.

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    Step By Step Video for Installing the Firmware Update to your 2GIG Go Control with the Cable:

    Get the Actual Firmware Here:, The Site Listed in the Video is restricted to 2gig authorized dealers only

    For any New Customer we will Update your Panel and TS'1 for FREE, if you are unable to, E-Mail me for More info
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