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Thread: 2GIG CG3 loss of supervision of all sensors

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    2GIG CG3 loss of supervision of all sensors

    Hi, new to the forum, although I have lurked in the past. Last night, my panel lost supervisory contact with all sensors. I found out when my remote keypad would not disarm the system this morning. The system install includes a 319/345 translator module, as the sensors all date back to a Simon XT install.

    I was hoping someone might have troubleshooting tips other than 'replace the translator module and antenna'... which I am willing to do, it will just take a week to get one, and may not be the real problem. Of course I can call.... let's see, who took over my monitoring account most recently?,,, Oh, yeah, Alder - and have them come out and work on it. I have never had to do that before, so have no idea how much that is going to cost me. Anyway, if nothing else I would like to go into that conversation as armed with knowledge as possible. All input welcome. Thanks in advance.

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    Oh, and I should add that Alder changed the maintenence access code and refuses to share it with me, so if I need that access, I either deal with them or bite the bullet and 'take back' my system and find a new monitoring company.

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    OK, just in case anyone has this problem in the future: I called Alder. They walked me through a hard reset. The system is behaving normally afterward. They said it is still reporting some sort of module failure that the tech had never seen before, and was not defined in his documentation. But from my end, all seems well.
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