I bought this house in July (2018). It has a Vivint system. I don't want it. The previous owners of the house are getting billed each month (three times so far). They say they are getting the charges reversed.

Yesterday I was working with the panel and somehow triggered an alarm. I got a visit from the local police.

I want to bring this mess to an end. Can I just remove the cellular module?
Will that trigger an alarm?
Will the alarms trigger periodically because Vivint can't "reach" the unit?

Vivint is a real mess. When I first took possession of the house I called Vivint and was told I would need a new panel, cost $650.00 including tax.
I called again and was told I needed to pay $100 to transfer the account. I said I am not paying for the privilege of paying you monthly. After this, I know for sure I will never go with Vivint.