I'm still using a 2GIG GC2 with Many sensors and ZWave devices (including Door Locks) and it's been monitored by Vivint since day one. It's been on 1.9.6 forever., but Recently, I contacted them to have it updated to 1.14.01 at least, because I want to use the Garage Door controller GD00Z-4 with it. and found that we need that 1.14.01 is where they began supporting it. After many chats with their service reps, they refuse to do the upgrade on my panel, saying it's not supported by Vivint, and that if I want to have full support of the GD00Z-4, I need to change my panel. One person did push an OTA update to 1.10, but I couldn't get it to push a newer one. I'm thinking they just don't want to keep supporting this older panel and want to push me into getting a newer Sky Panel, etc... I'm now thinking about doing the update myself, but my question is, Will this work at 1.14.01 (or newer) using Vivint as monitoring provider? To me, the whole backend is provided by, so I can't see why it wouldn't work, but I was wondering if someone here is using a GC2 with a newer firmware release under Vivint, and if there's any drawback. I got full access to the panel since day one.