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Thread: Schlage BE469 issues using

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    Schlage BE469 issues using

    I recently installed the Schlage Connect BE469 CEN 619 door lock. It works correctly from my GC2 panel, but when using the app or website the locking/unlocking is intermittent. I also find that does not always accurately reflect the status of the lock (lock/unlock). In addition I've found that when activating the alarm from the panel the rule to automatically lock the door works, but when I unlock the door using the keypad it does not turn the alarm off. This makes me think that lock is not sending the status to the panel, but I have no idea how to resolve this. I've tried removing and adding the lock, with no success. I have also have a Linear Garage door opener that suffers from the same problems.

    I'm on firmware 1.14.

    Just to add that there are no issues arming or disarming the panel remotely so this seems specific to my Zwave devices

    Thanks for your help.
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    It sounds as if the z-wave mesh network isn't strong. You may need to add some repeaters. You can also try to rediscover the z-wave network through the web site. Aeon repeaters work very well and they are inexpensive. The door locks do not have beaming which means they are not repeaters.

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