I'm looking into converting a Tyco monitored wired system into a 2gig wireless system.

I know I'll need a TAKE-345 to convert the existing wired zones into wireless.

What I am curious about is the motion sensors.

There are currently 3 (Not sure we would still need 3) but from the look of them they are 360 degree sensors.

We have quite a few false alarms from them.

First, will the TAKE-345 convert these zones into wireless so we can replace them as we are able, and second, does 2gig have a 360 motion sensor available?

It might make more sense to use the normal PIR1-345 or is it a SSS-345 that is a pet safe? There are NO pets in this building but I am assuming either a mouse might be running around or something else is triggering it.

It is a big church building in an open field. There isn't a visible mouse problem but, who knows why there is an interior motion sensor alarm with no door alarms being triggered?

Thanks in advance.