I built my house in 1993 and at that time had a DSC 832 Power Series security system installed by the builder. The system uses LCD5500Z keypads and the control panel is a PC5010. I have some fixed windows in the house that have glass breakage sensors. I recently had the windows changed in the entire house and the sensors were removed from the old windows and I now need them attached them to the new windows. The problem is I don't know if these glass breakage sensors were glued on or a very thin tape was used. The sensors are made by Sentrol. I'm not even sure they work at this point as I hit one of them pretty hard and there was nothing. So, I have two questions. First, can I replace these sensors with something I know works, and two, if not, what is the best way to reattach the current ones and where do I get that product ? Also, one of the keypads has started to act up. When we turned the clocks back and I had to change the time in the keypad, one of them just started to show obscure characters when I tried to do the time change rather than actually showing letters on the display. So, I suspect that keypad is on the way out. I would like to get ahead of that problem if possible. So where would I get a replacement keypad for tis system ? Thanks in advance for your help.