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Thread: GD00Z-4 garage door control installation questions

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    GD00Z-4 garage door control installation questions


    I'd like to purchase a GD00Z-4 garage door control and have a few questions:

    1) Once I install the control and pair it with my existing GC2 panel, will it be automatically recognized on or do I have to call my alarm provider to enable it? I'd rather avoid this since my provider likes to charge a monthly fee for additional options.

    2) The GD00Z-4 comes with a door tilt sensor. Will this sensor show up as a new security zone on my GC2, or only via the z-wave menu?


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    So have you purchased it? does this sensor lasts long? i have heard that these sensors are not reliable.

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    No I haven't, because activating the door control remotely requires the Locks feature to be enabled on, which my alarm provider wants to charge extra for. It's not worth it for me.

    I've also reconsidered the wisdom of allowing a Web-based platform ( to open doors at my house. This is a security issue if the platform is ever hacked.


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