So, just moved into our new house and it came with a preinstalled vivint GoHome system. All of the downstairs windows/doors have sensors but no cameras or anything else from what I can tell. I am not planning on starting a contract with them but instead am trying to decide if it is even worth messing with the system. I have a raspberrypi 3 which I am using as a plexserver and was starting to mess with making it a smart hub as well through a zwave usb dongle and homeappliances. From what I have read it is possible to slave the GoCome panel to a zwave hub but from what I can tell I would first need to go through a number of items to get the GoHome panel completely unlocked (purchase new cell module, purchase 1 month contract to gain access, unlock all users, etc). I do not plan on maintaining any form of monitoring - I would much rather have the system be streamable to me personally and I can handle it. I do at some point like the idea of having some wireless cameras and door/window sensors installed which I can stream but this is not a critical need immediately.

My questions are:
Is it worth the cost/effort to get the GoHome unlocked considering my interests?
Is there any way to salvage the use of the window/door sensors already installed or do they have to go through the panel due to frequency utilized?
Is it worth/efficient to use the GoHome panel as a secondary system slaved through my raspberry pi hub?

I guess that is what I have for now, any input is appreciated.