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Thread: Z-Wave compatibility with Firmware V1.9.6

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    Z-Wave compatibility with Firmware V1.9.6

    I have a 2GIG Go!Control Panel with the Firmware Version 1.9.6. I bought the GoControl Smart Wall Switch WS15Z-1 and it will not pair with the panel. Will my firmware v1.9.6 support this z-wave light switch? Please help!

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    Update on my above post: Had my firmware version 1.9.6 updated to version 1.12 by L&A by pushing an OTA update. At this time the OTA update is about half finished as the desired version 1.17 is still undergoing. (OTA is a little slow, will take another 12 hours to finish). I decided to Add my GoControl Smart Switch WS15Z-1 on this new firmware version 1.12. I found another way to Add this ZWave device from another forum.
    On GoControl, Services, Wrench Icon (enter Installer Code), Add Device, on Z-Wave Device (WS15Z-1) Press Twice quickly the middle part of the paddle switch. The panel should show the newly added device among your z-wave devices.

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