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Thread: Recessed Door Magnet Missing? Can I replace?

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    Question Recessed Door Magnet Missing? Can I replace?

    One of our inherited--new-home Recessed Door Contacts (DW20R-345) is missing its white cap&magnet.
    The circuit board, battery & white shell/cap is in the door, but there is just a hole where the magnet should be to trigger the sensor.
    We have tested the circuit board in another door, and it works just fine.

    Can we replace the missing magnet with any common magnet?
    Or do we really have to buy a new complete sensor?
    Does anyone know how strong of a magnet is needed?
    Are the white "door caps" that cover the magnet available for purchase?

    Our new home has a previously-professionally-installed security system (Vivint, *cough* *cough*)....
    We've replaced the Sky Control Panel with a Go! Control Panel. All is going very well so far!
    Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this forum! It has been a wonderful resource!!!


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    Good news! In the process of cleaning and moving into our new home, I found the magnet. It had fallen out of the door frame, and rolled under a nearby closet shelf. I am pleased to announce that the sensor works great with the magnet back in place.

    Almost finished setting up the Go! Control Panel. Waiting for an antenna to arrive in the mail to hook up to the cell card, and then I can sign up for a LockNAlarm package. Yeay! I have it picked out and I'm almost ready to go!

    Thanks again to all who post on this forum! DIY security is the best way to go!

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