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Thread: Switching from Vivint

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    Switching from Vivint

    I tried this earlier but it didn't go thru, I think...

    Vivint contract is up in a few months. I'm paying 70 a month for monitoring, 2 cameras, thermostat control, lights, etc. I have the go!Control. They offered me a sky 3 control for 180 and a monthly bill of 55 to stay.

    I know I can switch... Something, the radio?... To use another company to monitor. I think I have to sign up for both and a monitoring service to have remote access and a monitored alarm. Correct? I want the same service I have now, 2 cameras, live monitoring, remote access. What do I sign up for? It looks like the same service would be about 35 from other companies? Am I getting the same features?

    The sky control looks cool. I know I can't use that outside of Vivint but the gc3 looks similar. Is it worth it to switch to that when I leave Vivint? What are the additional features? Can I use the sensors I currently have (door, window, motion, CO, fire/smoke... All wireless) with the gc3? They are all from 2014 or older, and I bought them for my ademco system except for the glass break and fire/co.

    I'm not super knowledgeable with alarm systems, but I do IT work on the side. I programmed the ademco system my house came with by myself, so I can get thru the manuals and figure stuff out. Looking for recommendations.

    Goal is to use all current sensors and maybe upgrade to gc3. If not, just use all current equipment (go!control) and switch to another provider for a better price. Thanks!!

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    To switch providers from Vivint, you would need to switch out the radio (please make sure your firmware version is 1.9.6 or higher to install a new radio. If it is lower, you would need to upgrade your firmware prior to installing the new radio). It is a relatively simple thing to do. If you are looking to have the same monitoring service you have now with Vivint, you would need to purchase an Interactive Gold plan with Central Station Monitoring plus a video plan. You will be getting the same features as your current plan with Vivint. If you chose to go with as your new provider, your monthly fee would be $31.99. Please use the following link to view the plans:

    If the sensors you are currently using are 2GIG sensors, you will be able to use them with the GC3 Panel.

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    Is the gc3 panel a good upgrade? It looks cool and more intuitive. Should I stick with the go control or upgrade to the gc3?

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    I agree that the GC3 is a great upgrade. I bought mine at Very reasonable. You can also swap out the existing radio if you have a GC2 panel and buy a plan.

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