Pairing a TS1 is fairly simple.
Note- the panel will only support up to 4 keypads (pad1), or TS1 touchpads , or combination thereof.

What is required
XCVR2 transceiver (get it here $20)
18/2 unshielded wire for power transformer
Matching Firmware (recommend that firmware be updated to current version on both)

Plugin in power for TS1 using wire/transformer
Enter panel programming mode: hit logo bottom right corner of screen>enter installer code>click "system configuration"
(Note- if you do not have installer access/panel is locked out, you will need to have your provider remotely reset Q44 to '0', if you do not know your 4 digit installer code, you can also have your provider remotely set it in Q43)

Upon powering up TS1, you should see this:
(Note- if you do not, you will need to power cycle the TS1 while holding 'home' and 'emergency' buttons until they both light up effectively resetting it to default)

Press 'OK' on both TS1 and Main panel, then press down arrow to exit

On TS1 you will see (this will display on TS1 every time you are in System Config on main panel):

The Security System is Temporarily Not Operational...Please Wait
On main panel, click "skip", click " end", click "exit"

Panel reboots, TS1 should now be online and operational

Add a voice descriptor/name for keypad:
If you didn't already do it while In programming, go back to system config, and ts1 keypad settings, click the down arrow till you see 'descriptor', add a name to your keypad, e.g., 'front entry keypad', or 'upstairs keypad', etc. (Click "Insert", then enter descriptor word code)

For descriptor codes, see :

Then, skip, end, exit