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Thread: Too many choices! Please help

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    Too many choices! Please help

    Due to being very displeased with so many quotes from several providers and none of them wanting to sensor windows because "no thief breaks in through a window anymore...." I decided to buy my own system. Vivint was kind enough to suggest I tear everything out of my current house before I move and take it with me. No thanks!

    At any rate I found a decent price on a nice kit of sensors and a panel that included a 2GIG-LTEV-A-GC2 Verizon 4G LTE cellular card.

    I've looked at a few different monitoring choices but there seem to be so many choices. GeoArm seems to be the hardest to navigate!

    I've looked at AlarmGrid which I think offers unlimited sensors and their "best" plan for $35.

    Can anyone suggest a good company?

    Foremost I do not want to lose control of my panel and have whatever company I go with lock Q44 or whatever one it is that the other companies lock so you can't change anything.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Call 877-661-8941 or They have the best rates and packages.

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