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Thread: Connect a Trane XL850 Thermostat to Vivint Sky Control

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    Connect a Trane XL850 Thermostat to Vivint Sky Control

    Due to the unique nature of my Trane Heat Pumps, I cannot use any commonly available z-wave thermostats like Nest, RTA CT-100, Vivint Element, etc. My system requires a 3 wire connection - 1 for data, an R and a B since the system is a 'communicating' system.

    The Trane XL850 has Zwave built in and uses Nexia. It creates it own bridge or can be set as a repeater.

    How do I go about connecting this thermostat to the Vivint Sky Control panel? I called Vivint and they could not help since they are unfamiliar with the Trane unit.

    Any help is appreciated! Thanks.

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    I don't think it will work, You would need to use one of the ones you mentioned,I am not aware of the 3 wire thermostat that you mention that communicates with a Vivint.

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