I've almost decided on a 2GIG GC2 panel for my new house, but I have a lingering concern regarding the Smash and Crash protection. The way it should work is that a signal should be sent to the central station / alarm.com as soon as the entry delay is triggered, and another signal should be sent as soon as the system is disarmed. However, from reading the installation manual, I'm not sure this is the case:

Programming Question 1 (Dialer Delay): If 0 is selected, does this send a signal immediately, or only after the entry delay expires? If it's only after the entry delay expires, that's not good since it would provide ample time for a burglar to smash the panel before the signal is sent.

Programming Question 31 (Cancel Time): The description in the manual implies that a cancel signal is only sent if the system is disarmed after an alarm has already been triggered. What if the system is disarmed while still within the entry delay period, before the alarm is triggered (the usual case)? A cancel signal should be sent in this case too.