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Thread: Security Panel help.

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    Question Security Panel help.

    I'm currently moving into a new house. I have several Z-wave devices and a Home Automation Server. I'd like to expand into a security system. I'm not totally sure what I'm looking for.

    -Easy system for wife to arm/disarm
    -Connection to "Home-Assistant" maybe via MQTT
    -Ability to "call" for help

    I guess I'm looking for a best of both worlds where my z-wave window sensor could set the alarm off, but also tell me HA system that its open/closed.
    Is there a panel that can do such a thing? thanks

  2. #2 systems do not currently work with zwave alarm sensors only zwave home automation devices does work ALEXA and the 2gig and Qolsys panels will talk there status and if you sign up for an plan you can set rules and alerts based on time based events and open/closed

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