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Thread: Difficulty syncing GC3 to Linear GD00Z-4

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    Difficulty syncing GC3 to Linear GD00Z-4

    I'm pretty much stuck trying to get these two things to talk to each other. Below is what I've tried so far.

    1) I upgraded to 3.0.2
    2) I tried excluding then including
    3) I've taken the GC3 off the wall and into the garage so that they're within about a foot of each other. Tried exclude, then include.
    4) Reset GD00Z-4 by holding the link button down for 5 seconds. Then include. Reset, exclude, then include.

    No idea what to try next, but I'm open to any suggestions.

    Just realized I put this in the wrong forum -my apologies. Will put this in the right place.
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