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Thread: Cell module....AT&T...Verizon.....Securenet??

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    Cell module....AT&T...Verizon.....Securenet??

    We are getting ready to move and after hearing all the pitches and prices from several companies I am becoming convinced I might be better off buying my own equipment and choosing a monitoring plan on the Geoarm site.

    What I am confused about are all the different cell modules available. From what I have been reading most of the 2gig panels accept a variety of modules.

    In my area I think most of the carriers have about equal coverage.

    I want to be able to use something like for mobile arm/disarm and administration.

    So with that in mind, does the cell module and panel really matter much?

    Thanks in advance.

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    IN Our Area Verizon works best even though the coverage maps show equal coverage with AT&T, you can check coverage here, Please be sure to check out our plans and give us a call with any further questions 1-877-661-8941


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