Hi all, new to the forum here, I had a Vivant alarm system installed yesterday...high pressure sales pitch...your neighbors house was broken into and vandalized, this system will do everything but cook you breakfast and have supermodels come to your door...yada yada yada...but questions I had asked were apparently answered incorrectly (I know, shocker). Like I asked if they would call the police if the alarm was accidentally tripped and I was assured that they would not. So today, I unlocked the front door via the control panel and was apparently outside too long before it rearmed and set off the alarm, I came back in and they called through the panel asking if everything was alright, I assured them it was and thought that was that but about an hour and a half later the cops showed up. Amazing response time eh? So I'm still perplexed as to why they would have called them if I assured them it was just an accident but...they did.

The main thing though is the more I look around the net, the more I feel like I got ripped off? The system seems ok, I would say I like it even but would like to add things to it (like an external outdoor camera and window sensors) and from what I'm seeing adding things yourself isn't easy with Vivant? I don't know if I should dump this system or what?

Currently all I have is the panel, doorbell camera, front door lock, motion sensor and rear sliding glass door sensor. The equipment is financed and they're charging me 66 a month. Should I cancel? They said I have three days to cancel but don't know if that requires a bunch of hoops to jump through or not.

Any advice?