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Thread: TS-1 Panels will Not Learn-in

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    TS-1 Panels will Not Learn-in


    My 2GIG system has been in use for three or four years. Four or five days ago I upgraded the firmware in bothmy CP-21 andmy two TS-1 panels to version 1.16. I did this because my firmware version was too old for me to usethe BRDG1-900 that I purchased. The problem is, after all three panels updated successfully (each flashed the green “PASS” screen), neither TS-1 will learn-in.

    In reading through some forums and watching videos, I learned that XCVR2 Transceiver may have come loose…so I made sure that it was fitted in properly. One person also suggesteddisabling the two panels in the CP-21 and saving in that state, and then try learning them in again. Neither one of these ideas has helped and,other than those two ideas, I can’t seem to find much help for this problem.

    Attached are the screens showing thefirmware versions and the results of the Learn process Can you give me an idea what to try? I need help.

    Tom Preston
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    The Transceiver unit may have gone bad you can check one out here: 900 MHz Transceiver 2GIG-XCVR2-345

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