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Thread: Image Sensors night vision fixed cameras

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    385 Image Sensors night vision fixed cameras

    The Image Sensors are second generation PIR motion detectors with built-in camera capability.

    The 2GIG-Image1 is a color, and night vision infared Indoor still camera (QVGA 320 x 240 resolution) that pulls double duty as full fledged passive infared motion detector (35' x 40' high, 30' x40' normal, 25' x 40' low) Image Sensors (2GIG-Image1) run new for less than a $100 on eBay.

    The nice thing about the Image Sensors, is it gives you fixed camera capability with night vision without requiring a video/camera package upgrade to your existing plan. You cannot view live video feeds with these, but you can take snapshots, and configure rules for alarm/sensor trigger events, peek in, or even automated daily views. They can also be configured for zooming in on motion detection.

    They are not IP cameras, and use the 345/900mhz bi directional transceiver that is also used by the TS1 touchscreen keypads. Because these are panel camera/sensors they require firmware v1.10 or higher on the panel itself (you can download the free firmware here: )

    The 2GIG panel can support up to three Image Sensors.

    (Daytime) Peek in:

    (Some light) Infrared Peek in:

    (No light) Infrared peek in:

    For more info on Image Sensors, see:

    Installation and walk test:

    Image Sensor Authorization code and Installer Test:

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    What I went and did is set up that light in the middle image capture on a zwave GE/Jasco 3way (iris) switch from Lowes.
    Rules are set for lights on when any alarm is activated, and light off when alarm is turned off.

    (For those without the empower add-on, the zwave alarm activation lights on zwave rule can be programmed locally on the panel simply by setting Q79 to '2' which allows all zwave automation rules to be programmable locally)

    The infrared on the IS isn't that great, and I wanted good clarity on the camera Image

    I did the same for my ADC-V610PT as it lacks infrared night vision capability

    The zwave GE/Jasco switch/3way switch are $35 and $45 at Lowes, so it was very cost effective for both the Image Sensor and IPCam

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    Clever! I still need to run that IR illuminator test I've been meaning to. I ordered a $12 IR light, it's sittin on my desk. Just need to see how well it works with the image sensor.

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