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Thread: Configuring Tilt Garage Sensor Sky Panel

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    Configuring Tilt Garage Sensor Sky Panel


    As part of my automation project I purchased a number of z-wave light bulbs a few weeks ago. I added them to my vivint skypanel and all works well. (even with amazon echo). My next adventure was to install an garage door tilt sensor so the garage lights or any lights for tha matter turn on when the garage door is opened. (also to know if I leave a garage door open). Nothing more. Don't want it to be tied into the Vivint Monitoring Center.

    I ordered an EchoLink door tilt sensor from Amazon. (RE206 Tilt, Honeywell Compatible). I set it up on the garage door and then moved to configure it with Vivint. Using the guidelines here - I was able to get it added as a wireless zone.

    Equip Code: 1061 (garage tp tilt sensor)
    Sensor Type: 23 No response type
    Contact Type: contact
    TXID - XXXXXXX - Learned and populated during config
    Voice Description: Garage Door Outside
    Name: Garage Door Outside
    Chime: Enabled
    Voice: Enabled
    Reports: Enable
    Supervised: Enabled

    So all seemed to be setup fine. Now to test. If via my mobile app or their website I do see it listed under Settings - Device Settings.
    I can setup a notifcation to be sent if the Garage Door outside is opened. But opening garage door isn't triggering this notification.
    If I try to setup a custom action (rule) on the other hand, for instance to turn on some lights when the door is open, it isn't listed as a option (including if I look under the doors are open section or other sections where items are listed. So something must not be setup correctly I'm guessing. If I only want to use this to send notifcations and automate lights and such, I wouldn't think I need to contact Vivint to do anything on their end.

    Anyone familiar with this setup that might be able to assist?

    Thank you!
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