Our latest update to our iOS app makes it even easier for you to see what's happening at home and control your smart home security system.
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Swipe Right for your Smart Home: iOS App Update

Your iPhone's Today Screen, newly enhanced in Apple's iOS10 release, is now a convenient shortcut to Alarm.com's smart home controls and powerful automation features.

Our new iOS app update lets you add your favorite Alarm.com commands and widgets to your Today Screen, then access them by simply ‘swiping right' (or 'down' if you're running iOS9 or iOS8), without the need to open your app.

You can configure up to 12 Alarm.com commands to appear in your Today Screen, including arming and disarming your security system, locking and unlocking your smart locks, and opening and closing your garage door. You can also include our new Scenes buttons, which control multiple devices with one touch.

For extra convenience, you can also customize your Today Screen commands to make them accessible when your phone is locked. However, we recommend that you only enable this feature for commands that don't affect your home's security or access.

To use your Today Screen commands, you'll need to be seamlessly logged in to our app. You can do this by checking the ‘Remember me' option next time you log into your Alarm.com app