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Thread: Should I takeover a Go Control panel or upgrade to GC3

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    Should I takeover a Go Control panel or upgrade to GC3

    We bought a house with a 2gig go control panel and several door and motion image sensors. Should I invest in a new cell module or upgrade to a GC3? I assume that all sensors for the existing panel will work with the GC3. I will probably have the system monitored by I have read a lot of posts about replacing the cell module, upgrading firmware, etc. Is there a post with start-to-finish description of the process so I can do everything in order. Thanks

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    The process is easy

    Update panel firmware using cable and free to download firmware. See forum links

    1. Replace the cell with a 3G one,
    2. Activate an ADC plan on that cell
    3. Remove top screw on panel, open it up, unplug battery, power off AC
    4. Remove old cell and antenna
    5. Replace with new cell/antenna in the wall
    6. Power up panel
    7. Perform a cell test to reprovision panel
    8. Have dealer/provider remotely via Airfx reset Q44 to 0 and Q43 to default 1561

    See forum posts for optimizing panel Q's

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