Hi there! I'm looking at different automated security options and it's looking like 2GIG would be a good choice but I'm not sure if it can fulfill what I'm looking for. What I want is for it be completely automated in the arm/disarm process but I'm not sure what the best way to go about doing it is. I would pair the system with some Z Wave locks that could lock/unlock when the system is armed/disarmed. Now, when I say automated, I mean the system would detect when no one is home (either me or my fiance) and then arm the system and lock the doors. Before I arrive home, I would like the system to disarm and unlock the doors. I've read the alarm.com has geoservices but not sure if that service covers something like this? I'm also worried about the battery drain that would be caused by having an app on my phone constantly tracking my location so I would really prefer to use a different method (android app like tasker or llama). Does anyone here have experience with something like this? I'm looking to make it a reliable and seamless integration into my house and life but I'm just not sure if the technology is there.