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Thread: GC3 won't start up

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    GC3 won't start up

    I've only had the panel for just over a week and yesterday while we were away it automatically armed itself. When we returned home my kids opened the door and the alarm went off shortly after. The prompt to enter the code was available but the numbers did not input when I entered them. The alarm continued to sound until I eventually removed the panel and disconnected the battery and unplugged the power adapter. I waited a few minutes and plugged everything back in, but now all that happens is that the emergency, home button and screen flash and it won't startup. Any idea why this happened and how I can get it started? I tried holding the home and emergency buttons to force a hard reset, but the buttons seem unresponsive. I'll call buy2gig tomorrow (today's a holiday), but thought I'd check here first for some options. Thanks

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    That is definitely not a normal condition, the office can do some further troubleshooting tomorrow when you call in, sorry for the troubles.
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