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Thread: 2GIG system IS NOT REALLY A "DIY" without Right?

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    Lightbulb 2GIG system IS NOT REALLY A "DIY" without Right?

    After many hours and some $$, I have determined the following. If I am wrong, please let me know.

    Before I offend anyone, let me say that this is an observation, not a complaint, only meant to save others from the futile exercise.
    Also, I think is great!, and I have no problems with their service.

    The "DIY" label is being used to indicate that no central monitoring station is needed, and you can be contacted directly to your phone using

    BUT, there is another defintion of DIY in play....

    There are systems that are "DIY" and will contact you DIRECTLY. You only need to furnish a SIM card, either from your phone provider or others (like AlarmSIM).

    Now I will admit that these systems are not quite up to the quality of a 2GIG system.

    Sadly, there seems no way use a 2GIG system directly without the involvement of (or similar).
    I actually tried using an SIM, and got nowhere. Their techs have no idea, and why should they?

    I believe that this is due to the relationship between and the manufacturing of the 2GIG-GSMx communicator module.
    Even programming your phone number as the "CS#1" cant get past the failing message "Acquiring network registration"

    I also understand that there are other modules available (like TelGuard), but the problem is the same.

    I would like to hear your opinions on this analysis.

    Oh, and can we please limit this discussion to GSM or CDDM (i.e. cellular communications)?
    As for me I would not consider IP or POTS as a real security solution.
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    The 2GIG system is DIY in the that you can do it yourself. You can be a local system and you can connect to a central monitoring station via a pots line. However, you do need to add the functionality of a cloud based program like There are many DIY systems out there now that are wifi based and easily hacked. The systems do not compare to the 2GIG system with ADC.

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    thanks Falcon for confirming all of my my points.

    You do need in this "DIY" mode,
    AND You cant directly send a text to your android without (some other systems can!).
    AND I already said 2GIG was great.
    AND I eliminated non-cellular (POTS) from the discussion (read more closely) since it is seriously flawed as a security communications mode.

    But, thanks anyway for chiming in, the silence is deafening.

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    The GC3 panel have WIFI but they chose to block it... First they promise it in near future update and now near changed to this fall... All wifi notions have been removed in all their documentation... look bad!
    Since Nortek purchased 2Gig, development and bug correction look to be really slow or stopped!?!? Same things happened with Vera company they purchased too... (before we got one update each month now nothings since 6 months...)

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