Image Sensors are new infrared motion detectors like the PIR1, that include a built in infared camera that captures the motion that activates sensor.

XCVR2 transceiver (used also for TS1 touchscreen keypads), and firmware v1.10 or higher is required. No video/camera plan addon is required (make sure your provider supports Image sensors, and that feature is enabled). These are essentially upgraded 2GIG motion detectors.

XCVR2 runs around $20 (if you have a TS1 keypad, you already have the XCVR2) the XCVR2 allows you to have up to 4 touchscreen keypads, and up to 3 Image Sensors (IS) on your 2GIG panel.

Image sensors can also be used for 'peak in' or daily views.

IS detectors are nice because it gives you the PIR motion detector and Camera ability without requiring a camera service plan upgrade.

For info on obtaining a Image Sensor (2GIG-image1) which cost approx $98, obtaining a XCVR2 transceiver, or downloading the free firmware update see: