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Thread: Setup Protection1 2GIG for Self Monitoring

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    Setup Protection1 2GIG for Self Monitoring

    I just purchased a home with a Protection 1 branded 2GIG controller and security components. I would like to make use of this system but do not want to pay a company for monitoring if possible. There is a lot of information here and online but to be honest its a little overwhelming and I'm hoping someone can help me with what i need to do. Basically i just want to be able to put the system in "Stay" mode at night and just have it sound if a door/window is opened or if there is a glass break. And put it into "Away" to sound when a door/window is opened, there is a glass break and if there is motion. We have 1 glass break sensor, 2 window sensors, motion sensors, and a Zwave door lock. I've already figured out how to reset the controller and reset the installer code. I just don't know how to setup all the sensors.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I would contact They have several package programs that will meet your needs.

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