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Thread: GC3 kwikset locks trouble & Wireless Camera troubles

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    GC3 kwikset locks trouble & Wireless Camera troubles

    Hey guys - So I got my GC3 yesterday,but I am experiencing the following troubles:

    1.) I have 2 kwikset door locks/pads which were working great on my old Vivint SkyPanel – I can add the locks via Z-Wave just fine to the new GC3, however once added, the status of the lock never changes – and I cannot lock or unlock. It just stays blank, and doesn’t even show a slider position (see attached pics). I have tried removing an re-adding the lock several times, and still having no luck.

    2.) I see nowhere on the new GC3 to add camera’s. I have 2 fixed IP cameras that came with my existing vivint panel – but I see no where to add these camera’s.

    3.) I thought the GC3 panel had WiFi? Where do I setup the network settings / wifi settings?

    Thanks all!
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    Well - I finally got everything to work after plenty of trial/error. Very strange, but the only way I could get the door locks to work, was to re-add them to my existing Vivint SkyPanel, Delete them, then Re-add them again to the new GC3. After I did that - they started working great! Not sure, but for some odd reason the locks were still trying to communicate to the old panel, even though I could discover them & add them on the new GC3.

    As for my IP cameras - I cannot add them directly to the new GC3 panel because the WiFi feature that is not currently enabled- however, I was able to add them to my plan, and still view them through and the phone app. Kinda sucks as I could add cameras to & view them live directly on the old Vivint SkyPanel - but maybe this will become available on a future FW update to the GC3 or when they get WiFi feature enabled.

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    How did you add IP cameras? Were they vivint branded?

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    The camera's I have are ADC V520IR IP camera's. I could not add them through the GC3 panel, but I was able to connect them to my network via WPS, and then add them to my account for viewing via the app.

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