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Thread: GC3 Firwmware

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    Now... winter update or spring???
    ...or will they just ignore it and release the GC4? This company has a terrible track record for A) releasing firmware updates and B) launching products promised months, if not years in advance. The security division HAS to be 1 guy in his garage doing this on his own.

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    As usual we can not rely on the statement of 2Gig ... It is now official that there will be no update this fall since we are now in winter.
    What Nortek touches, the development stop!

    They first announce pannel with wifi, after promise to enable it in firmware, after removed all "wifi" word in documentation and finally never release any firmware....
    Can we be reimbursed for false advertising?
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    I just started a new thread with the 3.0.1 firmware. Im at the office so i can load the firmware yet :'( I will tonight when i get home

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