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Thread: Enable ZWave on Panel

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    Question Enable ZWave on Panel

    My alarm provider would not enable the ZWave functionality on my 2Gig panel without charging me an additional monthly $5 fee to cover licensing costs of ZWave. Is this something I can enable myself and can my provider detect the change?

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    Do you have Installer Code? If so you can have local access by enabling questions 79

    See the optimal panel settings here:

    There is an Up Charge to go from Basic Interactive (No Z-Wave) to Interactive Gold

    Here is what is Included by us for each Plan:

    Basic Interactive (BI) $13.99 NO ACTIVATION FEE
    Wireless Alarm Communication from your panel to it also enables the user to remotely arm/disarm system, see system status and event history, and change user codes through the website or mobile apps. Users can also receive email and text notifications when system events occur, such as arming/disarming, alarms, power failures and other trouble conditions. No phone line or Internet connection is needed
    Additionally, it includes Weather to Panel (Current weather and up to 6 day weather forecast can be provided by to be displayed on compatible security control panels and keypads), and Voice Notifications for Alarms (Automated phone notifications for alarm events), Geo-Services, and Crash and Smash Protection. Central Station UL Monitoring or 2-Way Voice Monitoring can be added as option.

    Interactive Gold (IG) $18.99 NO ACTIVATION FEE
    Includes all Basic Interactive features, plus the ability to monitor all activity reported by specific door/windows and motion sensors, even when the system is disarmed. Users can create custom notification rules to be alerted via email and text when specific sensors report activity during a designated time frame (example: "send me an email if the Liquor Cabinet opens before 5PM on a weekday"). Sensor activity is also shown on the website and mobile apps. Includes 24x7 activity monitoring on up to 10 sensors. (Additional sensors can be enabled through a service plan add-on). Also includes Image Sensor Plus features, as well as option to include any of the following for no additional charge; Weather to the Panel, Severe Weather Alerts, emPower Lights, Locks, and Thermostats. Central Station UL Monitoring or 2-Way Voice Monitoring can be added as option.

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    I do have the installer code, but am locked into a 5 year contract with a regional security company. Though my system is managed on the website. When my contract expires, I'm planning on moving to a plan like what you linked. What I was wondering was in the meantime, could I enable and use ZWave tied into my security sytem for temperature monitor, smoke detectors, etc.

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    Hi BronzeSax, i know this is an old thread, but just wondering if the regional provider that you have is CPI in NC? if so, just wondering how you were able to get the installer code? i need to add additional equipment to my 2gig system

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    I presume that the z-wave is through charges your provider an additional fee to enable The $5.00 is not unusual for the Z wave activation. The fee cover multiple devices. You will be able to add more z wave without an increase.

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