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Thread: A Couple CT-100 Questions

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    A Couple CT-100 Questions

    I am new to z-wave and looking at thermostats. I do not need anything fancy, just something I can control remotely at a vacation home - just set the temperature and leave it as the system is single stage heat/cool - no heat pump or humidifier. I am currently using a VeraEdge controller.

    1. If the CT100 loses communication with the zwave controller what will it do? Just hold the current temperature setting? I noticed in the instructions that if it loses battery power, that the AC or Heater may either run continuously or not run at all, I am hoping it does not enter this type of mode if the zwave controller has a temporary problem.

    2. If I have the temperature set via the z-wave controller, do I have to use the z-wave controller to change the temperature or can I set the temperature at the panel - and have it hold that temp? Does the zwave controller setting get updated in this instance and once I start using the zwave controller again, will it then honor the zwave controller setting again? The scenario I am thinking of is: I let a friend use my vacation home. I set the temp with the controller so it is comfortable when he gets there. Can he change the temp at the panel and have it hold that setting while he is there, and then can I take control of it again via the zwave controller after he leaves?

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    I would also like to know the following:

    3. What is the minimum temp that can be set for heating (could not find this in the manual anywhere...)? Is there a way to set the minimum so no one can turn it down beyond a user defined point?

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