I am new to the forum and I searched before posting. I used to use Frontpoint and my contract is over, and I use a Simon XT. There full package is 49.99 USD, when you convert that to Canadian it's starting to cost over $70 dollars a month.

I am happy that I found this site! My questions for everything are the following:
- The Simon XT has a cell chip that is used by Alarm.com, can I sign up with a buy2gig plan, and have no issues with reprogramming the device?
-In my house I have the following sensors | Door + Windows = 9 | Motion =2 | Glass Break = 3 | Fire Alarm = 2 | Carbon Monoxide = 2 | Water Sensor = 1 | Freeze Sensor = 1 = | 20 = Total sensors. It appears that the Interactive Gold Plan covers 10 sensors, so I need to pay another $8.00 for 10 more sensors. As a result, I am looking at $39.49 USD to get the same equivalent plan with central monitoring. Am I missing anything with my assessment? My issue is that I don't see a massive savings, I assume I can blame this on the Canadian dollar
-Any suggestions on what I can do with my old Frontpoint system, I would really like the help!

Thank you

The Plan I built on Buy2gig.com

Control Panel Type: Simon XT
Desired Login Username:
Serial# (IMEI/ADC)::
Monthly Plan: Interactive Gold (IG)
Canadian: Gold Interactive
Arming Schedules: None
emPower Thermostats: Yes (Included with Interactive Gold)
emPower Lights: Yes (Included with Interactive Gold)
emPower Locks: Yes (Included with Interactive Gold)
emPower Package: Yes (Included with Interactive Gold)
emPower Smart Energy Plus: None
Non-Alarm Notifications: None
Additional Sensors: (10)Additional Sensor Activity
UL Central Station w/Daily Test Signal: Monthly CS Monitoring w/Daily Test
2-Way Voice W/UL Central Station Monitoring: None
Monthly Video Plan Add-on: None
Expansion Packs Cameras & Storage: None
Image Sensor: None
LiftMaster: Yes
Identity Theft Protection: Yes (Included with Gold Interactive)
Custom programming: Factory Default Programming