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    New System Question

    Gents (Im assuming anyway...),

    So I am looking at a base system. The security functionality and home automation Im not too worried about. I think I have that covered. My concern is getting the basics down including insight on the better monitoring services. I have been looking at Vivint but I have seen pros and cons that concern me. The elements I am looking at getting are:

    GCKIT410 -- Go!Control main panel as Im sure everyone knows..
    XCVR2 -- 900MHz upgrade for TS1/Go!Bridge
    TS1 -- Im looking at 1 for now maybe 2 I know the Control panel will support 4
    2GIG-BRDG1-900 -- Go!Bridge

    Will I need anything else? Power supply, wiring, etc? Will this get me setup with a monitoring company? Is there anything Im missing? I would like cell backup over Verizon or something. Where I live Verizon is kinda weak so I would need an external antenna so I can have the strongest signal. Can I mount this on the wall and run all wires via my attic including antenna? Are the TS1's standalone? Do they have to be plugged in to use or do they run on battery? I was thinking one for being mobile upstairs and one for my basement when I get it finished.

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    Contact for pricing or give them a call 1-877-661-8941 They can help you out.

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    You may want to wait for the next generation of control panel. I say that a bit tongue in cheek since it has been delayed for well over a year, but this month is the latest promised date for what ever that is worth.

    The Bridge is to be a component of it, and I do not believe the XCVR is required, as well as some components from previous generations will not work with it.

    As suggested, call

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