New forum member, looking to learn and share.

I have a new, monitored 2Gig panel using my existing wired sensors and some wireless sensors. Now that I understand the alarm features, which is my first priority, I'm looking to beater understand my Zwave capabilities.

I have two ZWave dim-able light power outlet controllers from Home Depot and a couple of lamps plugged into them. I have added them as switches in the services button, and they can be turned on/off or dimmed separately or together in a scene. I have a few next step questions:
- Can these switches/scenes be moved higher up in the menus on the panels? Now I have to press services, switches, then control them individually. My spouse would like easier access other then on her phone.
- Can a secondary controller be added to the system (recommendation requested) to control these lights/scenes separately from the panel without impacting the security system?
- If I plug the lights back into the plug and get a Zwave in-wall light switch to maintain the remote controlability? Is there a recommended switch that can be used both manually AND remotely via Zwave?

Any/all help appreciated!