I have had an GC2 in operation for several years now, all self contained, and all DIY install. It has been a reliable, simple system.

I now want to have some remote access, and I am looking at the "Gold" plan. I also want to do some minor home automation, but focus is security.

What are my required hardware options? I know the original system is cellular (Verizon CDMA), and now it looks like there is a Go Bridge option, that also requires a 900 MHz XCVR.

Seems like the most secure communication would be cellular compared to my existing DSL ATT internet service. ( I am in a rural area and DSL is it). Cost to implement either looks close enough to not be the deciding factor. Is there greater bandwidth and therefore better performance with one or the other? With my early generation GC2 are both possible at the same time? Any monthly fee difference to consider?

I have been stalling waiting for the GC3, but I am about of the mind that it may never appear, and it is back to the drawing board since it must now compete with Cloud based devices like Smart Things, Apple Home, etc. I have no basis other than the repeated delay in roll out.