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Thread: Around the clock new contract requires $1 million insurance policy?

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    Around the clock new contract requires $1 million insurance policy?

    New contract terms require a 1 million dollar insurance policy where Around the clock is the insured party?

    “10. INSURANCE: The Subscriber shall maintain a policy of public liability, property damage, burglary and theft insurance under which AROUND THE CLOCK is named as insured, and under which the insurer agrees to indemnify and hold AROUND THE CLOCK harmless from and against all costs, expenses including attorneys’ fees and liability arising out of or based upon any and all claims, injuries and damages arising under this agreement, including, but not limited to, those claims, injuries and damages contributed to by AROUND THE CLOCK’s negligent performance to any degree or its failure to perform any obligation. The minimum limits of liability of such insurance shall be one million dollars for any injury or death, and property damage, burglary and theft coverage in an amount necessary to indemnify Subscriber for property on its premises. AROUND THE CLOCK shall not be responsible for any portion of any loss or damage which is recovered or recoverable by the Subscriber from insurance covering such loss, or damage, or for such loss or damage against which the Subscriber is indemnified or insured.”
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    This is not new and we used to mail them out, In November we converted to E-Contracts for Central Station Customers.

    For any customer or potential customer please contact us 1-877-661-8941 with any concerns ,as a reminder By doing-it-yourself you are assuming the responsibility and liability for choosing, placing and installing the sensors correctly, ensuring the cell phone connectivity is sufficient, and ensuring alarm signals are correctly being passed through to the central station. This is a standard Industry agreement, we are having it reviewed so it will be geared more towards DIY'ers, Remember it is Month to Month No long term commitment, Our Insurance company requires this agreement as would any reputable Licensed Alarm Company. We are always willing to work with and discuss any requested changes on a case by case basis

    Thanks and Happy Holidays

    Mike and The Team at

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