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Thread: Installation of Iris Siren and Vivint Skycontrol Panel

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    Question Installation of Iris Siren and Vivint Skycontrol Panel

    I read a few postings a while back stating that the Iris Siren at Lowes was compatible with the system.

    My only option to install in SkyControl has been using the Z-wave option, add Node. this places a button in my app to manually turn off and on the siren. Unfortunately, when testing the siren, it does not work when my SkyControl siren goes off. So I am thinking that my installation is bad.

    Does anyone have advice on how to successfully install the siren in SkyControl? Thanks in advance!


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    You need to set an automation rule that when the alarm goes off it turns on your siren(shows as a dimmer) to 100% and turn off 15 mins later or whatever. It will never simply mirror the siren as the siren is not in the home automation logic section of the panel.

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