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Thread: Firmware update trouble

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    Firmware update trouble

    the house i recently bought had a old vivint panel (V1.6). i bought the independence package and thought i was able to successfully update firmware to V1.9.6. i got the green pass after the update was complete. However, after i disconnected the cable and plugged back in the battery and the power supply the panel screen did not turn on, and the alarm starting blaring. I had to unplug everything for it to stop. I then even tried removing the old vivint cell module and reattaching power to the panel but got the same result with the alarm.

    Wanted to see if anyone has had a similar problem and what actions they took to remediate it?

    thanks in advance

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    Firmware update will not change arming status, or user codes, or programming Q's.

    Remove the cell module. Disarm alarm with 2580

    Then navigate to home/security/menu/toolbox/use code 2203/user management

    Retrieve change edit delete master and all other codes as necessary.

    Change user 8 code (2580)
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