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Thread: GC3 and Lutron RadioRA 2

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    Question GC3 and Lutron RadioRA 2

    Hello! This is my first post here.

    Will the new GC3 system directly support integration with the Lutron RadioRA 2 lighting, temp and Shade system? If so, we would definitely spec this panel.

    What makes this system great to integrate with is the ability to lock lights on when alarm goes off at full level, ability to turn lights on low in smoke alarm situation (given that low level lighting is best for seeing through smoke), ability to raise blinds in alarm situation, but there are also a ton of convenience features like automatically lower blinds and turning off lights when arming the system for exit, change mode to away to randomize lights upon leaving when system arms, ability to use the panel as a really nice keypad, etc.

    As I understand it, there are several methods of integration:
    1. Control through direct connection with RS-232 or IP using the integration protocol ( )
    2. Control through the RR-VCRX dry contact system ( )
    3. Possibly connect through the new Lutron Connect Bridge that sits on the network along with the main repeater (details aren't fully solidified, but I could connect 2GIG folks to the product Lutron people tweaking what the system does)
    4. Connect through, which I assume is supported by the GC3. This option isn't as good because there are a lot of failure points with multiple network types used by multiple providers. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't work if the Internet to the home was cut or was otherwise down, if there were an issue with the GC3's cell connection, etc. However, it might have some nice benefits provided there was a local-only way to connect and control the systems. At any rate, here's some info on it ( ). I sent a request to become a dealer with 2GIG, while I am an dealer and Lutron certified

    Thanks so much, and I'm really excited by the possibilities with this system! I hope it is as good as it sounds!
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    Would like this know this as well.
    Or can this only work with IE: Option#4 above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HTM View Post
    Would like this know this as well.
    Or can this only work with IE: Option#4 above.
    It can work with the contact closure, here:

    I have been using integration for lights, thought that's not really necessary given the Lutron app. It's nice to have it all in once place.

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