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Thread: 2gig go control and CT100 Thermostat Pairing

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    2gig go control and CT100 Thermostat Pairing

    I've read the forum and watched many youtube videos on how to pair the CT100 thermostat to my 2gig controller. Every tutorial mentioned to set the controller in z-wave discover mode and then go the to CT100 and press the Radio button. Unfortunately, the radio button does not ever show up on my CT100. It's almost like it doesn't have that feature. Anyone have seen this before??

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    Honestly I just went through this issue myself! Here is what I wound up having to do: 1st make sure that you have the 2gig panel right next to the CT100... Then hit Remove Devices on the 2GIG panel and do a reset on the CT100... It should hopefully say removed from another network... Then go to add devices and reset it again and it should discover it perfectly. Its strange none of the directions online I found say to do that but its the only way I could get mine to work. Best of luck to you!

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    I've had 3 of the CT 100 just stop working. Tried what you mentioned above. No luck. Talk to a few techs I know and they said the same thing about the CT 100. Some just stop communicating. I replaced with new thermos. Love them so far.

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