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Thread: CT100 Thermostats - 2 Seperate Issues with 2 Seperate Thermostats

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    Angry CT100 Thermostats - 2 Seperate Issues with 2 Seperate Thermostats

    OK SO: I have two CT100's installed in our home and the one downstairs works flawlessly never had a problem.... the one upstairs is eating batteries horrendously!!!! like 4 AA's every 2 weeks or even more frequently than that.

    SO I bought a brand new replacement CT100 after reading others had the same issues (on amazon reviews) I removed the thermostat from the 2GIG control panel and from the wall installed the new thermostat and I cannot get it to "mate" with the 2GIG panel... I simply cannot click "Mate" on the new CT100 it will not let me... I reset the old CT100 Thermostat and reinstalled it and am able to "Mate" it just fine but this brand new out of the box thermostat wont mate....

    FRUSTRATING!!!! Any thoughts on what I can do to get the new thermostat to mate with the 2GIG panel?

    Between this and not being able to install 3 way switches I'm seriously considering abandoning the 2GIG panel completely and strictly using it for alarm monitoring services and getting a smart things hub to do the rest. It would just be so nice to have everything integrated into the one system/one app!

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    I finally got this fixed. Had to pair it a different way but got it to work flawlessly.

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