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Thread: 3-Way Switch Wont Work

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    3-Way Switch Wont Work

    I installed a Linear WS15Z Switch for the Load Bearing Switch and it works perfectly as a standard switch and as a zwave switch. I also am using a WT00Z Linear 3-Way switch where the old standard 3 way switch was located at. For the 3 Way Switch I believe I have it installed correctly as it is very simple -- Just Ground, Hot, & Neutral- The Tracer wire has been capped off. The switch also is lit at the bottom just like the other Linear switches I have which leads me to believe it is installed correctly.

    I also have an Aeon Labs MiniMote -- The Minimote, WS15Z & WT00Z are all recognized by the 2Gig control panel and I can see that they are all there.

    When trying to associate the WT00Z with the WS15Z I am not able to associate them... The minimote does not seem to be doing the trick -- I follow the Nortek Bulletin to the letter and the lets never blink faster when double tapping the 15Z & when I have completed the steps exactly as outlined I still am unable to use the 00Z to control the 15Z.

    Just to rule things out I removed both of the switches (hard wired & through the 2Gig Panel) and replaced them with the exact same switches just from a different box just to rule out the possibility of a bad switch -- Still Doesn't Work.

    This leads me to believe that the MiniMote seems to be the problem as it is not associating the switches.

    Is there anything else I can try or any other way to associate the 00Z to the 15Z? What would you do next? I tried to do an uninstall of the MiniMote and do a fresh reinstall but I cannot seem to remove it.... I'm thinking my only option at this point is to get a new MiniMote and go that route...

    Any thoughts would be appreciated--- I am presently in the process of switching our whole home to Z-Wave control and it has been going very well but now I am at the stage where I need to address my 3 & 4 Way switches and get them taken care of.

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    After messing around some more I found that pressing scene 1 and 2 at the same time should turn on all z wave switches and doing scene 3 and 4 at the same time should turn off all the lights. however when I do this nothing happens --- Which further leads me to believe that this minimote is not configured correctly.

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    Here is a similiar post maybe this will help?
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    Quote Originally Posted by locknalarm View Post
    Here is a similiar post maybe this will help?
    Unfortunately no that does not help at all. I have done those exact steps verbatim and still am unable to get the three way switch to associate. Also: I am unable to remove the Aeon Labs minimote from my system (unless I take it a couple hundred feet away from the house and try again I guess)

    I have all three of the devices recognized in the 2GIG Panel and but am unable to make the three way switch associate with the load bearing switch via the minimote.

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    I was able to get it to work with the help of Jason on here. Ultimately I did not have my switches paired to the 2Gig Panel correctly. Removed them, added them back to the system the correct way and it works great!

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