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Thread: My Panel Install - Hidden Transformer In Recessed Outlet

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    My Panel Install - Hidden Transformer In Recessed Outlet

    Here's the install of the panel I did today, sorry for the sideways pics but you get the point. The transformer is completely hidden behind the panel and looks much better in my opinion. Took maybe 20 minutes and maybe $25
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    Hi! Trying to figure out the best approach for cleanly mounting my touchscreen as well and am curious about what recessed box you used. Where is your outlet located for power? Is that behind the box somewhere? Where is the transformer for your touchscreen... is that in the wall? Sorry if these are overly nooby questions... I don't recognize that box and don't think code will let me put a transformer in the wall where I live so just trying to figure out what options I might have.

    Anyway, thanks in advance if you can provide a little more detail that would be much appreciated!
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    It's actually a recessed outlet (fine by code) and then the panel is double stick taped to the recessed outlet. The transformer is directly behind the panel.

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    Ah, OK... that is what I am looking at doing too... I just didn't see the outlet in your picture so I wasn't sure what your solution was. But that photo is before you've mounted the outlet... Looks like you have a three gang recessed box and just mounted your outlet horizontally, is that correct? If so, that is exactly what I am looking at doing too. You wouldn't happen to remember what the make and model of the box was that you used, would you?

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    A 3 gang would be much too large. This is just a single gang and is about the same size as the control panel. It's made by Arlington industries - I took power from the outlet mounted below and brought it up to the new horizontally mounted single recessed outlet.

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    Ah, right you are... I was looking at the three gang switch below and judging off of that... I think I found what I am looking for though:


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