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Thread: Minimote and Vivint SkyPanel

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    Minimote and Vivint SkyPanel

    So I need the smarter minds on this board to guide me in the right direction as I messed up.
    Yes I have the installer code and its unlocked from day one that I have had it.
    So I have been adding more automation to my Vivint SkyPanel ie: linear garage door openers, light switches and some appliance modules and some extra door and window switches. The last installation was a three way Evolve LSM-15 and LTM-5 light switch. The LSM-15 is working fine with my rules but I learned that the SkyPanel can't associate the two. But with a Aeon Labes Mininmote they should be able to associated the two devices to work as a true three way switch. I was able to get the Minimote added to my SkyPanel. Somehow I reset the Minimote (bad move) and now I have a device (I think its the controller) that I can't remove and my SkyPanel is set as a secondary controller so I can't add or remove any devices. How do I get the SkyPanel back to a Primary controller?
    Sorry for the long winded post?

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    Reset controller

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    Yes did the reset and it worked good. To bad it lost all the Z-Wave devices in doing that. But a quick reinstall and all is well.

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